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Artificial Grass

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Don’t make the mistake of thinking that this new kind of artificial grass is simply AstroTurf or plastic matting – Royal Grass is practically indistinguishable from real grass.

One of the most desirable features in any garden is a beautiful lush lawn. A well tended lawn looks great and offers a place for kids and adults to play and relax. However, thanks to our long winters, short summers and colder climate, keeping a beautiful lawn in the North East of Scotland can be challenging to say the least! Considering that your lawn has to contend with the weather, kids, pets, snow and, of even being water logged, its a wonder that grass grows at all. Until now, owning a perfect lawn has meant a lot of hard work, maintenance and quite a lot of expense.

However, in recent years, a new solution has come onto the market – artificial grass.

Barmekin Groundcare are now specialist suppliers and installers of Royal Grass artificial grass – the perfect high quality alternative to a natural lawn. You can enjoy the benefits of a beautiful lawn that looks as good as ┬áthe real thing but without the need for feeding, weeding or mowing – all year round!

Artificial grass is is ideal for:

  • Gardens.
  • Balconies.
  • Play areas.
  • Commercial areas.
  • and much more!

Royal Grass are manufacturers of the highest quality artificial grass on the market today and we are now proud to offer a full survey, installation and maintenance service in Aberdeen and the North East.

If you would like to find out more about Royal Grass and how we can take away the stress and hard work involved with owning a perfect lawn, then please contact us today on 01330 860504

The Royal Grass Range


Royal Grass Exclusive

Artificial grass without thatch. It just looks like the real thing! A natural looking garden turf.


Royal Grass Elite

Artificial grass with thatch. Premium artificial turf system with a slightly wilder look.


Royal Grass Delite

Artificial grass with thatch. Premium artificial turf system with a sparkling green colour.


Royal Grass Velvet

Artificial grass without thatch. For a soft artificial lawn yet very durable & suitable for intensive use.


Royal Grass Satin

Artificial grass with thatch. Fills in the demand for a thick and soft garden turf with a realistic look.


Royal Grass Silk25

Artificial grass with thatch. Affordable artificial grass, ideal for balcony, terrace or decoration.


Royal Grass Silk35

Artificial grass with thatch. Lovely soft artificial turf for various application in and outside your home.


Royal Grass Ecosense

Artificial grass with thatch. Soft, silky feel of the grass combined with an eco-friendly production method.

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